Girls of Gaming

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Posted by Gunrock

lol Night wolf is not a girl =p

Posted by calebjoe

my bad deleted:)

Posted by TheOmegaMetroid

Where's Samus ( )?  I noticed most or all of your list is fighting game characters, but since it's called "Girls of Gaming", shouldn't it have the badass bounty hunter herself?
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I see you've got Annah from "Planescape: Torment" on there - that's nice to see! How about "Fall-from-Grace" then? Maybe you overlooked her? Or is there a specific reason you didn't include her? I like Annah a whole lot (just like the entire game and all of its cast...) but Grace is just as interesting & she's the pimp at the "Brothel for Slating Intellectual Lusts" - that should count for something ;)

Posted by maimran91

Maybe I should make a "Badass Chick" list. By the way, nice list you've made