Characters of the Generation (That Aren't Called James)

Oh hey, apparently one vitriolic forum-wide competition concerning the previous generation of games wasn't enough and Hailinel is busy working on a separate one that looks at the most memorable characters from the last eight years of modern console and PC games.

Because a lot of his/my nominated characters for that poll are from JRPGs, I figured some of them might require a bit of explanation for those who haven't played the games to which they belong. Beyond that, though, this is just my own little list of characters I've enjoyed. It might help people decide who to vote for in match-ups where one or both characters are from games they've never played, but probably not? I dunno if I'll get around to everyone worthy of acclaim but for the time being this is an unordered list of some of the finer folk I've met in my virtual ventures. There might be a spoiler or two here, but in most cases I'm discussing one of several possible endings.

(I'm doing the maximum of two per game, one of each gender, otherwise I'll be here forever. As well as the better developed characters, I tend to favor a lot of fun one-note badasses so you're going to have to take some of these with a grain of salt. As always, post your own suggestions both here and in Hailinel's nomination thread.)


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You're missing some Shin, there, buddy.

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Upvoted because Marina. Secret waifu of the generation right there.

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Don't kill me, Dragon Age fans, but every time I see Morrigan, I feel like I've found Lulu's long-lost twin sister.

(Keep in mind I'm actually a big fan of Final Fantasy X and many of Nomura's designs, this isn't meant as an insult.)

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While I certainly can't agree with Jackie Ma, as I found the majority of Sleeping Dog's characters to be largely uninteresting, you've got a lot of solid picks up there! A lot more, what I would assume to be, JRPG characters than I would have expected. But that may simply speak to how many of your blogs I haven't read...

Happy to see Yuri and Judith up there all the same, though! Yuri, from the Tales games I've played, easily trumps the competition for lead protagonist, and Judith is undoubtedly the most fun to play as in Vesperia. Though as a character she was a little... one-note, I think, and was also one of the weaker voiced characters in what is a relatively decent dub at that.