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The brother of Fiora, this is the man seen in the recent trailer wearing no shirt who is classed as a hero amongst the Homs people since he was the one to use the Monado blade against the Mechon army. This 30-year-old was struck down a year ago and is currently in the process of healing. He is 180cm tall and voiced by Ryo Horikawa in Japanese. In English, Dunban is voiced by Rufus Jones.

Dunban has a serious personality and stifles somewhat under his heroic reputation, as he is overly modest about his contributions to the war with Mechonis. This is in part due to his limited ability to use the Monado despite being a master swordsman; since he wasn't the true heir to the Monado it rarely activated for him. Subsequently, he has lost the use of his right arm and required several months of rest to recover after the war. Nevertheless, he is (usually) calm and steadfast and a voice of reason for his younger companions. His initial personality traits (as defined by his skill trees) are: Wisdom, Bravery and Prudence.

In battle, Dunban is considered a "glass cannon": He has low HP and defense, but is one of the most powerful attackers. His naturally high agility also allows him to evade attacks rather than attempt to withstand them, which is useful because his damaging attacks draw a lot of aggro from enemies. His Talent Art, Blossom Dance, is a strong combination attack that can hit several times with careful timing.

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