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Shanoa represents the Order of Ecclesia, the only group who seems up to the task of defeating Dracula in the Belmonts' absense. She is able to absorb magical glyphs using the large rune on her back, which provide her with magical weapon abilities. Although she is often seen wielding a crimson-colored rapier, Shanoa can use many other weapons granted by her glyphs.

She is able to equip 3 glyphs, much like Soma Cruz's souls, and can combine them to unleash devastating combos either with a spell or a massive weapon, such as a large Holy Claymore or a hail of daggers. The weapons range from picks, axes and swords, while spells range from summoning a cyclone, a lightning bolt, giant stone fists, fireballs, ice shards and light orbs. Some also allow her to swing from metallic nodes using magnetism, or transform into monsters like a fast cat-woman or a werebat.

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