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Deckard Cain is a wizen'd old man present in all the Diablo games. On top of narrating, he is often is involved with much of the story. His duties include advising the player on the best course of action, and, more importantly, identifying his or her items free of charge. Sometime between Diablo 1 and 2, he is captured by the forces of hell and imprisoned in a cage in Tristram, the only known survivor of the attack on the town besides the Dark Wanderer. However, he is saved by the protagonist of Diablo 2 and survives to appear in Diablo 3.

While he can ramble on from time to time, it's nice to stay a while and listen.

He is voiced by Michael Gough. Due to his distinctive voice and phrasing, Deckard Cain has become a popular character among Diablo fans, with many tributes including a rap video and a GPS tracking system (as part of Blizzard's 2011 April's Fool joke).

Famous Quotes

  • You have quite a treasure there in that Horadric Cube!
  • Stay awhile and listen!

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