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Franziska von Karma, like her father Manfred von Karma, is a cruel perfectionist who will stop at nothing to earn a guilty verdict. She carries around a whip, and snaps it at anything that irritates her, including the Judge. Detective Dick Gumshoe is her assistant, but Gumshoe is scared of being whipped and scolded. She also carries a habit of calling people by their full names.  


Franziska von Karma was born and raised in Germany. She studied to be a prosecutor like her father, and was considered a prodigy, becoming a prosecutor at 13.  
By age 18 she was very well known and respected. She came to the United States (Japan in the Japanese version) just to defeat Phoenix Wright, famed defense attorney, in court. Despite her efforts, she lost, and her perfect winning streak was spoiled. Although she lost, she did not consider the trial to count against the winning streak. 
Franziska lost one more time, and before her third trial against Phoenix Wright, she was shot by Shelley de Killer, an assassin who did Phoenix a "favour" by shooting the opposing party. In her place was Miles Edgeworth, who ended up winning the case. 
Franziska left the United States upset by defeat. She claimed to get revenge one day.  

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