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Pearl Fey is the daughter of Morgan Fey, a member of the Fey clan branch family, and a resident of the Kurain village. She is also the cousin of Phoenix’s friend Maya (referred to by pearl as Mystic Maya). Her mother was very protective of her, not letting her leave the village or communicate with suspicious outsiders (like Phoenix). All that changed when Morgan became involved in a complicated murder during a channeling. She helped to clear the name of her cousin and prove her mother’s guilt. She then left the village to join Maya and Phoenix. Phoenix begins to call her "Pearls", however Maya calls her "Pearly ". Pearl is brilliant Channeler, even at her young age, and is considered a prodigy by those in her village. Whenever Maya is unable to help, Pearl is able to channel Mia’s spirit and assist .  


Pearl Fey is a bubbly and cheerful little girl. She is very naïve, having been closed off from the outside world for her entire life, so she often misunderstands things. She believes Phoenix and Maya are romantically involved, often blushing and referring to Maya as Phoenix’s “special someone.” 

The Magatama

A Psyche Lock. Only Phoenix can see them.
Pearl Fey shows Phoenix how to use a mystical device called the Magatama. This tool can be used to uncover secrets locked within people’s hearts. It reveals “Psyche Locks” which prevent the person from admitting their secret until enough evidence is presented.

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