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Morgan Fey is first introduced in the second Ace Attorney game, Justice for All. She lives with her young daughter Pearl Fey in the traditional Japanese village called 'Kurain Village' (even though Ace Attorney games take place in a fictional version of America). She resided there as a single mother training young acolytes in the ways of channelling spirits with the Kurain channelling technique. Her treatment of Phoenix Wright is very stern, she is strict in how she raises her daughter Pearl Fey and hides her dark internal feelings of jealousy and hate towards other members of the fey clan with a very calm and controlled outward appearance.

Family and History

The Fey family have lived in Kurain Village for an unspecified amount of time learning and teaching the Kurain channelling technique to communicate with the dead. The most powerful and eldest daughter (since the men of the clan do not possess these powers) because the master of the village and are dominant over the rest of the clan and all other members become part of 'branch families'. Morgan Fey was poised to take the position of master but her sister, Misty Fey, demonstrated stronger channelling powers and became the master in her place.

Married to a wealthy jeweller at the time with two daughters, her husband was disappointed with this and left Morgan taking their children with him leaving her with nothing. Due to events explained in the first Ace Attorney game, the current master disappeared during the DL-6 incident. Bitter about being forever stuck as a member of the branch family and the sudden event of Misty Fey's absence, Morgan Fey saw an opportunity to seize power. Some time after the incident Morgan had another child, Pearl Fey, who she would raise to be the future master and placing her back in to the main family line.

In the third ace attorney game her past is revealed and two import characters, Dahlia Hawthorne and Iris, are shown to be the two daughters that were taken away by her husband and raised separately from each other. During her time in prison she met one of her daughters, Dahlia Hawthorne, and co-opted her in to a revenge scheme.


Justice for All

This is Morgan Fey's first appearance. In the second case of the game Reunion and Turnabout (actually set before the first) Phoenix Wright arrives in Kurain Village to see Maya Fey. When talking to Phoenix Wright Morgan Fey is very clear about calling Maya Fey 'Mystic Maya', as is tradition, and not interacting with her daughter Pearl Fey at all because Morgan wants to raise her without outside influences. After a murder takes place in the village Morgan takes care of a 'posessed' Maya Fey while Phoenix reports the crime.

A few days later she is taken in for questioning as a witness to the case. While everybody believes she is there to give a testimony in favour of her niece Maya Fey, it turns out her testimony proves Maya's guilt (even though Morgan portrays her testimony as regrettable). In the later stages of the case Phoenix reveals that Morgan Fey was actually in League with the true murderer, Ini Miney, who helped her set up Maya Fey to take the fall in order to remove her from the running for future master and instead place Pearl Fey in her place. Due to this revelation in court she is placed in prison for her role in the crime. Her true reasoning is revealed only if the player provides the corrent evidence in the waiting room after the case via a short scene.

Trials and Tribulations

While not seen during any of the cases, Morgan Fey is instrumental in the overarching story in the game especially the final case. Despite her plan failing in the previous game, Morgan Fey had set up an elaborate back up plan involving Dahlia Hawthorne, one of her daughters who was also in prison for murder. The scheme involved a very specific scenario which involved Pearl Fey channelling Dahlia in order to kill Maya Fey so, once again, Pearl could take her place as the master.

The instructions were written down by Morgan and hidden away inside the Fey Manor at Kurain Village. In the final case Pearl Fey reveals that she had been visiting her mother in prison. During one of these visits Morgan revealed to her daughter the location of the message, but did not reveal the consequences behind the actions or her intentions as Pearl loves Maya and would not do anything to harm her. Instead, Pearl believed her mother's plans were for the good of the fey clan. Unbeknownst to Morgan, Prosecutor Godot was listening in on the conversation and read the plans, enlisted the allegedly dead/missing master Misty Fey and planned to foil Morgan Fey's evil plan.

Morgan Fey's fate is not elaborated on during the game.

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