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Also known as "Mr. Minecraft", Steve is the default skin for players of Minecraft. Often seen carrying a pickaxe and descending into the earth in search of iron and diamond. Steve is a man with nerves of steel and a strong blocky heart.

In the PC version of Super Meat Boy, Mr. Minecraft could be unlocked by collecting 100 Bandages. Mr. Minecraft's special ability was to place or remove blocks in the level; he wasn't the fastest of characters, but unless the level involved an imposed time limit (such as a rising pool of lava), a patient Steve player could easily bypass any and all obstacles.

In the game Choplifter HD, Steve appears in the mission "All on the table," and he is stranded on a blocky island surrounded by equally blocky chickens. As a large focus of Choplifter HD is rescuing people, Steve can be rescued and brought back to base as an optional objective.

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