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This Switch Does Everything
This Switch Does Everything
Dr. Fetus is the main villain of Super Meat Boy who loves to use the middle finger any chance he gets. He's easily identified as a fetus in a robot that wears a tailored suit, a top hat, and a strangely expressive monocle. He has a running grudge with Meat Boy and kidnaps Bandage Girl in order to lure him into countless death traps. He's extremely handy with saw blades but also uses machines, monsters, and even his own feces when the opportunity presents itself.

Dr. Fetus' Creations

When Dr. Fetus isn't resorting to traps, he has plenty of inventions and monsters to throw at Meat Boy. Usually triggered with a remote he's always carrying. It does pretty much everything.

Lil' Slugger (The Forest)

At the end of Chapter 1, Dr. Fetus empties hundreds of cans of gasoline and sets the forest on fire. Not content with that, he jumps in a machine resembling a giant chainsaw with legs called the Lil' Slugger and chases after Meat Boy. It lasts only until the end of an obstacle course of saw blades where it crashes into a wall and blows up.

C.H.A.D. (The Hospital)

In chapter 2, Dr. Fetus is too busy trying to make a getaway with Bandage Girl to fight and attempts to flood the hospital with blood. He summons a giant smiling blob known as C.H.A.D. in the process. The blob splashes around while the hospital fills up until Meat Boy opens the roof so sunlight pours in.

Brownie (The Salt Factory)

The boss of chapter 3 is appears after Dr. Fetus spends some time on the toilet. He creates a monster made of feces that resembles Meat Boy. However, before a fight can start proper Dr. Fetus floods the factory with salt and turns it into a race to higher ground. When Meat Boy wins he attempts to save Brownie from falling into the salt. Dr. Fetus kills his feces creation with a few well thrown bricks just to spite his rival.

Little Horn (Hell)

At the end of Hell, Dr. Fetus springs a gigantic monster made entirely out of the many deaths of Meat Boy throughout the game. It's mostly obscured by shadow but it loves crushing things with its fists and headbutting the ground.

Larries (The Rapture)

One of the last creatures Dr. Fetus uses to kill Meat Boy is a trio of worms at the end of the Rapture. They spring out of the ground and try to dive bomb Meat Boy and also shoot lethal grubs across the stage.

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