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There's an Awful Lot of Famous People in Call of Duty: Black Ops' New Zombie Mode

Activision signs on Buffy, Machete, Freddy Krueger, Merle Dixon, and George A. Romero to kill some undead scum.

A few weeks ago when we reported Activision's announcement of the new Escalation DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops and its 1200 Microsoft Points pricing, some of you in the comments expressed a bit of dismay at the notion of paying $15 for four new maps and a then-ill-defined new zombie mode. Well, as of today's announcement from Activision regarding that previously ill-defined, and now fully-defined zombie mode, we now know where your $15 will actually be going: Danny Trejo's paycheck.

Yes, the great, inimitable Danny Trejo is starring in Treyarch's Black Ops' zombie DLC, titled Call of the Dead. But he's not the only one! Also on board are Sarah Michelle Gellar ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scooby-Doo), Michael Rooker ( The Walking Dead, Slither), Robert Englund ( A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Mangler) and, in perhaps the most amazing cameo of all, the BIG DOG PITBULL of the zombie genre, George A. himself. Everyone's in-game characters are modeled after the real actors, so if you want, you can just pretend Danny Trejo is Machete, or that Robert Englund is playing the skeezy, germ-obsessed strip club owner from Zombie Strippers. I know I will.

There is also a full trailer for the DLC, which we have provided below. Because honestly, there is nothing worse than someone endlessly describing something to you when could just look at it yourself. Be sure and take note of every Grindhouse reference, as there will be a quiz later.  == TEASER ==

Obvious B-movie pandering aside, this actually looks kind of awesome. I'd say it looks awesome in a very Left 4 Dead kind of way, except that it would be inappropriate of me to draw direct comparisons to another game when I haven't even played Call of the Dead yet. Instead, I will simply mention Left 4 Dead, thus planting the bug in the brain of the reader that it could be similar to Left 4 Dead, and therefore manipulating you into making your own comparative statements in the comments and sparking ample discussion amongst yourselves, while I get away scot free and wipe my hands clean of the whole situation.

It's called journalism, people.

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