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Thursday Night Throwdown 08/05: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

You won't smell very clean by the time it's all over.

Do you like the visceral drama of a modern military setting? Do you like hearing soldiers shout and curse in multiple languages? Perhaps most importantly, do you like pretending to shoot guys in the face? Then tonight's the night, as we'll be playing some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from 4PM to 6PM Pacific Daylight Time on this week's Thursday Night Throwdown!
If you want to get in on some of the Conquest, Rush, Squad Rush, and maybe even a little Onslaught action tonight, you can send us a friend request to GBTNT on the Xbox 360, or just join us on our dedicated BC2 server on the PC, which you can find on the in-game server browser as "Giant Bomb/Tested Slamma Jamma Super Happy Fun Time." If you'd rather just kick back and relax, you can watch the live video stream below or chat it up on Giant Bomb's official channel, which we'll be pulling questions from during the broadcast.  
UPDATE: Show's over folks! Thanks to everyone who suffered from my helicopter piloting. If you missed it live, you can watch the archived version below.


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Posted by k4

i just got here

Posted by Aegon
@MildMolasses:  I have it and I couldn't get on the friends list. As soon as this was announced the friend's list was done.
Posted by tednyman

visuals on this game look really nice

Posted by danimal_furry

Hahahahaha! I cannot watch this anymore! I'll wake the neighbors.

Posted by xmaster_dosx

speaking of podcast is that thing ever a live stream?

Posted by Olivaw

This might be the funniest TNT ever.

Posted by Rayeth


Posted by GoreMerchant

just tuning in now.....the fuck?

Posted by Wacomole

That hour FLEW past.  High-larious!

Posted by LiquidSwords

Been Laughing through out this TNT, so good!

Posted by Wabashy

love this game sooooo much, keep up the good work guys, screw the choppers

Posted by danimal_furry

Holy crud monkies! This has to be archived somewhere. I want to rewatch it.

Posted by Dany
@xmaster_dosx said:
" speaking of podcast is that thing ever a live stream? "
Nope, has never been broadcasted live, most likely will not in the future
Posted by Daveyo520

Great stuff

Posted by Crono11

Best TNT to date, and it's only half over.

Posted by yyZiggurat
@Dany said:
" @xmaster_dosx said:
" speaking of podcast is that thing ever a live stream? "
Nope, has never been broadcasted live, most likely will not in the future "
This years E3 podcasts were live but I wasn't around to see them.
Posted by Draugrim

Apparently EA's servers are borked somehow, tons of X360 players have their stats missing/reset in game, but if visiting the soldier website I'm still level 25 etc with all my gear.
This is also at least the second time this has happened with this game, but still puts it about twenty bugs/hacks behind MW2.. sigh @ having spent the entire hour trying to get my stats to load properly and never even got to play with the guys.

Posted by onarum
@Dany said:
" @xmaster_dosx said:
" speaking of podcast is that thing ever a live stream? "
Nope, has never been broadcasted live, most likely will not in the future "
only the this years E3 ones have.
Edited by Aegon

wtf....Also, this is one of my favourite maps.

Posted by PhilESkyline

Posted by Rawrz
@danimal_furry: always archives the streams.
Posted by XenoNick

That was alot of fun. Thanks to the guys who i squaded up with. Never trust Ryan with a choppa'.

Posted by danimal_furry
Thank you! :)
Posted by PjotrLeschenko

this is how I play FPS with buddies, just doing stupid stuff

Posted by bushman17awd

I would play but my rank and unlocks got reset

Posted by bushman17awd
@Draugrim: how do you fix the rank bug?
Posted by Arx

Finally got into the PC server and as soon as it loaded up I got kicked for a VIP :(

Posted by Zatoichi_Sanjuro

There are no free maps.

Posted by toolzz360

sweet didnt know there was a livestream!

Posted by LackOfName

Aww you guys are resetting the server for new players? T_T

Posted by Infininja

I love you guys, but you don't know BC2.
Spec in a certain direction to heal yourself? You're crazy. :p

Posted by Grondoth

I could fly in desert combat.

Posted by danimal_furry

Hahahaha! I can haz Vigo?

Posted by ShooterJoseph

"It's not my nose!"

Posted by blackblade500

Nothing better than eating taco bell and watching TNT

Posted by danimal_furry

Vinny - "Take you shirt off." YES!

Posted by illmatic19

It took four times for them to answer my question.
Best TNT yet.

Posted by armaan8014

AW MAAAAAAAAAAAN. Gotta go out can't join in!

Posted by danimal_furry

Sorry Vigo. It is funny. Hahahahahahahahaha!

Posted by Seppli

Rule Nr.1
Value Your Virtual Life
Rule Nr.2
Be a mean mother
Rule Nr.3
Aim for the head

Posted by iFail

D: I didn't get to shank jeff or norm. 

Posted by henrykillenger

You can use an AK on the U.S. side?

Posted by danimal_furry

Brioche    sounds awesome! I love monte cristo sandwiches... when they are done for real and not some stupid "I have a new version". French toast, tons of ham, melty cheese, powdered sugar, and syrup for dipping.

Posted by TACOBOY

yeahhhh jeff called meee ouuuut!!!!
Posted by Seppli

Mind the angles fellas!
Keep the angles on you as small as you can. That's how you'll live, even if you run and gun!
Angles or death!

Posted by patrick

"I play better on that drank".
Quote of the year.

Posted by Nonentity

I was the medic in Jeff's squad at the very end. I thought they had swapped back for Ryan, but I was wrong. I rezzed him about 25 times.

Posted by ZimboDK

And its over! That was worth staying up for. It was bloody hilarious! I love Ryan's play style.

Posted by jred250

First time I've ever seen one of these!

Posted by Animasta

man, that first hour was hilarious