Outcast Templars Clan & ACR beta release for PS3 only

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If you guys care about joining an ACB clan for PS3 ,xbox and PC Join us!  
We are some of the strongest players around!
Our website has a lot of info about ACB and ACR  

and we are in strict contact with other assassin's creed communities like Assassin's Creed Wiki 
 Latest news on Assassin's Creed Revelation Beta
contact me on PS3   

PSN ID swimmer_81
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The Outcast Templars Clan ,in collaboration with Assassin's Creed Wikia and the most influential personalities in the Assassin's Creed and Youtube Community, are currently organizing an Assassin's Creed: Revelations podcast which will take place  everyday during the 7 days prior to the release of the beta and weekly after the beta is released. 
The podcast can be watched in livestream here http://www.livestream.com/assassinspodcast and will be uploaded on youtube the following day.  

People interested can ask Outcast Templars and Assassin's Wikia members some questions about the podacast and the topics discussed on this thread on twitter http://twitter.com/#!/ACCPodcast  
People,16 years old or older, who will participate to the podcast will have a chance to win an Assassin's Creed related PRIZE

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