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The story begins with Asterix and Obelix going out of their village for a hunt. When they return, they find their village on fire, and occupied by the enemy roman forces. Soon after fighting them, they realize all their friends have been scattered around several places of the world conquered by the romans, and they must go on to rescue them


The game follows Asterix and Obelix trough 6 large worlds (The Village, Normandy, Greece, Helvetia, Egypt and Rome), the main objective is to beat a certain number of enemies in order to unlock a next area of the world, solving puzzles and racing segments in between and finally having a boss encounter, after which you rescue a certain character and get information on your next destination. While both characters have classic attacks for the roman enemies such as several punches and the ability of grabbing enemies and using them as spinning wheels, several combos get unlocked as the game progresses, useful for taking out several enemies in a short period of time. Also, the classic magic potion from the comic books makes an appearance, giving Asterix the power to run faster, do larger jumps and beating enemies with less difficulty

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