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 Won / lost.
Asylum is a selectable character from Bloodlust Software's 1996 one-on-one fighting game called Timeslaughter. Portrayed as a short male with long hair wearing a straight jacket during the fight.

Asylum was locked away in an insane asylum because of his tendencies to hurt others, play rough, and listen to alternative music. He claims to have the personalities of Hitler, PeeWee Herman, Tiny Tim, Ethan Petty, Dr Seuss, and many, many more all living in his head. His reason for fighting - it wasn't him, it was the other guy!  


Age: 29
Origin: Sydney, Australia
Time: 2043 AD
Style: Insanity

Slaughter move

 Asylum's slaughter move.
When the opponent is stunned due to an an empty health bar Timeslaughter characters perform a variation of fatality known as a slaughter move. Asylum rips through opponent's intestines with his head.

Asylum says

- Look Mommy! No arms!
- That was too quick...I have it a harder time fighting myself.

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