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People don't talk much about the Atari Lynx. I think it's a very underrated handheld. Even using 6 AA batteries and being huge, it deserves every gamers attention.
The not-so-portable was the first color LCD backlit display handheld. That's interesting, considering it was released months after the original gameboy in 1989, which had
a monochrome color palette..
Off wikipedia;
"At the time of its release in 1989, the Atari Lynx was also just being introduced to the market. This system featured color graphics, a backlit screen, and networking capabilities. Nevertheless, its release price of $179, substantial requirement of 6 AA batteries that would provide roughly only four hours of gameplay (compared to 35 hours on 4 AA batteries for the Game Boy), physical bulkiness, and other factors doomed it to a second-rate status."

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It was just too late for Atari in the late 80's and early 90's.  They were losing steam and they thought a hand held could bring them back up from their slump but it didn't.  I never took a second look at the Lynx, and to me it doesn't deserve one.

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I owned one them, I wouldn't know where it is now.

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I loved the Atari Lynx.  It really was ahead of its time.  I couldn't believe people were so loyal to the Gameboy even after the Lynx, Game Gear and Turbo Express hit the market.  I wouldn't even say the lack of quality games killed the Lynx, there were quite a few good games for the system.  I just think that by the time it arrived, people were so loyal to Nintendo Atari was helpless in getting people to buy it. 

Easily one of my favorite platforms, feel free to PM me if you want to chat about the Lynx or its games!

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Mine's broken, I wish I could fix it :(

#6 Posted by super_machine (1968 posts) -

I lost mine on a family vacation. The devastation! I actually owned both versions. The first one had the paint flake off it. I actually wrote Atari a letter in 6th grade to complain about it. Amazingly, they sent me a nice discount coupon to put towards the new one. Blue Lighting 4 ever!

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Lynx was and still is a great hand held. Quality is not top notch but there are some fun and original games for it. I still play mine now and then for a nice flashback.

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Holy crap that thing is huge!  could that even be considered portable?

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