Two new Atelier Meruru videos.

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Boss battle:

I really like this game's aesthetics. The music is pleasant, the environments are colourful, and the attack animations and camera movements in that second video were great. They really made the turn-based battle feel alive.
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A new trailer (it's ridiculously adorable):  

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For some reason I feel like a rapist.

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This video supposedly shows off the world building aspect (the actual game footage starts at 0:30): 

It would be great if someone who understood Japanese could explain what's going on.
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Combat video: 

Item crafting video: 

Quest system video: 
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Thanks for the posts! Interest in this has been slowly growing.

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@Khann said:

For some reason I feel like a rapist.

I feel more like a pedophile...anyone know if they changed this for the US version any...the oldish fluffy panties are...odd..and oldish...

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