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A delightfully mesmerizing aural and visual experience 0

An important part in the production of music is the conductor. Ensuring that everyone is playing their roles correctly and at the right times, the role a conductor plays is rather understated. Without him, the aural delights produced by orchestras would be but aimless noise in the background, blocked out by our ears as to ensure it doesn't distract us from whatever our current preoccupations may be. If given visual form, such a scenario would likely look like the abstract, minimalistic wor...

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Music Flows Challenging & Beautiful 0

Download Size: 42 MBTime Played: 3 hrs.Stages Unlocked: 13/15Manual Dexterity Needed: NoneWhat I'd Pay: $7Steam Price (3/6/12): $7Making music with colors is tough, even when you can just convert them by moving the colors over the right spot. Sound abstract? It is. Welcome to one of the most challenging, abstract puzzle games I've played in a while.Your goal is to create a symphony by filling up meters on the screen with certain colors. Your only source of colors is a stream of particles that ar...

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A beautiful show of lights. 0

 Things start simple Dain Saint and William Stallwood of Cipher Prime released the original Auditorium back in January of 2009, almost two years later the flash game finally makes it to a console with Auditorium HD. There are new stages added, but the intro cutscene is a clear reminder that this is a flash game ported to the Pla yStation 3. Don't let this get you down though. Auditorium HD is definitely a great game, and those who stick around until the curtain falls will be treated...

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