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Avengers in Galactic Storm is a fighting game featuring Marvel characters released in the arcades in 1995. Avengers in Galactic Storm was the first arcade fighting game to use assist characters. Developed and published by Data East.


Avengers in Galactic Storm featured both a single and two player story mode as well as multiplayer head-to-head mode. It was the first modern multiplayer fighting game to features assist character called "helpers".

Each fight in the game is similar to a lot of other 2D fighting games taking place in a best two out of three rounds match. There are a total of eight playable fighters.


The game is based on the Marvel Universe, mostly The Avengers and the Kree. The games plot is based of the Operation: Galactic Storm story arc.

Character Roster

Playable Characters

The Avengers

The Kree

Assist Characters

The Avengers

The Kree

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