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Oh, those Tannens!

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Finally! Telltale Games has delivered the second episode for  Back to the Future: The Game!

After an excruciating month and a half, I'm finally ready to pick up from the first episode in which Marty McFly had to travel back to 1931 in order to save his friend, Doc Brown, from being incarcerated for the crime of arson. Although there were a few bumps in the road, Marty (or Michael Corleone as I made him refer himself to others) successfully freed Doc and convinced a young Emmett Brown to stand up to his father and take up the field of science.

Episode one ended with a cliffhanger which depicted Marty disappearing from the timeline. This is where episode two begins. With a little research, Doc discovers that the reason Marty is fading is because Artie McFly (Marty's grandfather) was killed on the steps of the Hill Valley courthouse after testifying against "Kid" Tannen. Marty must intervene, but because he has to return to the afternoon he first arrived, he's got to find a way to save Artie while not being discovered by his other self.

Marty's intervention doesn't go as planned, but he manages to sneak his way into Kid Tannen's speakeasy and free his father after disposing of a couple goons. With his grandfather alive, Marty and Doc return to the present, confident that time will fix itself and that Kid Tannen will be brought to justice as per the history books. When Marty returns to his house, he's shocked to discover that his father has been confined to a wheelchair and that Biff Tannen has a spine.

It turns out that Marty's meddling has caused a shift in time. Kid Tannen never was arrested, which led to his crime family taking firm root in Hill Valley, resulting in a world where the Tannens hustle the city for protection and Biff had run Marty out of town (as payback for "the manure incident"). After evading Biff and his goons, Marty and Doc travel back to August 1931 in order to find out why Kid Tannen never served time.

A pretty solid outing this go around, despite the constant moving back and forth through time. As I hoped, the characters in 1931 continued to refer to me as the name I gave them in the first episode. The puzzles continue to skew towards the easier side, but hey - Telltale is trying to attract a wide audience. Still, the thrill is always in the journey for me and I'm definitely interested in where the story is headed. If I could highlight one element of the episode that I really liked, it would have to be the puzzle involving getting a corrupt police officer to spill the beans using sheet music.
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