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The Master Monk is a Job that is exclusive the the Bangaa. It makes it's first appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift and is an upgrade of the White Monk Job. Master Monks are able to use Poles as weapons, but are far superior when fighting empty handed. Master Monks also have superior healing skills than that of the White Monk and an extremely high Evasion. To get Master Monk, the player must complete the quest "Banbanga!" and must learn 2 Warrior Skills and 2 White Monk Skills.



Final Fantasy Tactics A2

The Master Monk is able to learn these Skills:
Weapon Required
 PummelEight-Fluted Pole
 Dark Fist
 Battle Bamboo
 Holy Strike
 Lifebane Ezsatam Baton
 Withering Strike
 Gokuu Pole
 Inner Focus
 Rend Armor
 Cyprus Pole
 Cross-Counter Fanatic

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