Battletoads 2010?! ***POSSIBLE SPOILERS***

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Alright, so I finally beat BK today.  Man, Acts 5 and 6 of most of the worlds, as well as all of the Terrarium of Terror just frustrate the shit out of me, leading me to easily believe that this ain't no kids game.

Anyways, when you beat the game, Grunty has to work in L.o.G.'s factory packing boxes to be shipped out.  There's all kinds of stuff in there, like Grabbed by the Ghoulies and a BK racing game and a VP racing game and Cake Filler Instinct (that one makes me rofl) and all this other shit...but there is one box that stands out above the rest:

Battletoads 2010.

Now, the rest can EASILY be taken as joke boxes just as much as this one...but the fact'd be fucking cooler than Hell, right?  I mean, seriously...

And Microsoft said they were gonna knock it out of the park this year at E3...

So, what do you guys think?  Is Rare secretly working on a new Battletoads game for release on the 360?  I mean, there's a ton of speculation out there that this was them building the hype machine, and I checked the internet - the buzz is out there after the ending to this game.

Needless to say, we need it...and we need it to kick serious ass!!!
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They're working on something. Who knows if it was even teased in N&B. Rare are the masters of making us frenzy over things that don't exist. I love it.

As a side note... fuck the Terrarium man. Fuck it. :-(

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Is a call to Gamestop in order?

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BATTLETOADS! *leaves to preorder from gamestop*

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