The more I think about this game the more I love it

#1 Posted by Deadmeat (137 posts) -

Anyone else feel the same? It keeps growing on me... I love RPG's but no Bioware or other game really made me feel emotionally what parts of this game did. I literally sat the controller down at the end choice for a few minutes wondering.

It amazes me this game was made by just a handful of people. More $15 Download games like this and less $60 *Insert generic shooter*. Please!

#2 Posted by Masni (13 posts) -

I just start playing Bastion and its awesome

#3 Posted by JTB123 (1167 posts) -

Couldn't agree more, been hooked on it since I bought it, easily the best arcade title I have ever played.

#4 Posted by Overnumerousness (9 posts) -

I too just started playing. It is fantastic, any free time I've had over the last few days has been devoted to it.

#5 Posted by Brodehouse (10520 posts) -

Bastion is my second favorite game to come out in this generation. Maybe it's too early to say that.

I watched my roommate finally play through it last month. Fuck that game is so good. You don't even know.


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