Bummer corrupt save file :(

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I think I was getting close to the end to. I finished the croc battle and went to the batcave for the second time. Anyways looking around the net it seems a lot of people are having this problem because the game auto saves so much and its easy to not notice the icon.
Late last night I just turned it off via the guide button. I should have quit within the game to make sure. Just want to give people a heads up to be careful.
Its a shame I don't think I'm going to start over becuase I'm going on vacation and I want gamefly to send me other games for when I get back. Hopefully I'll Go back and play through the game again at a later point because i was really liking it.

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That sucks, you were indeed very close to the ending.

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That sucks, but of how much i played, its worth beating again :)

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