Is there a Save +?

#1 Posted by ResonanceXu (53 posts) -

Hi guys, I just completed Batman AA to 100% and have all the achievements except for Biggest Bang (complete the game on hardest difficulty).
I now want to go back and finish the game on hard so I get this achievement, but I was wandering, is there a save + feature where I can start a new story on hard, but keep all my upgrades?
Thanks for any and all help, it will be much appreciated.

#2 Posted by BloodRedReaper (107 posts) -

Nope. To my knowledge there is not.

#3 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4898 posts) -

That would make no sense at all. You could skip more than half the game.

#4 Posted by Pie (7110 posts) -

Nope, if you have done the challenge rooms you have nothing to worry about anyway my friend

#5 Posted by ResonanceXu (53 posts) -

Ok thanks guys, I appreciate the help. Thats cleared things up, guess I'll just start a new save game :D

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