Spirit of Arkham (mild spoilers)

#1 Posted by JukeboxJoe (244 posts) -

Who has finished it? I've just got done with it. I confess, I had my suspicions that it was SPOILERS!!!!! 


The Warden, but I couldn't figure out where to find him and had to look it up. Thought this was a really cool 'third pillar' of the story - the others being the main story and the interview tapes
#2 Posted by jakob187 (22290 posts) -

Did you talk to Clayface beforehand?  Before I went up to solve the mystery, I talked to Clayface.  He said "Wonder why the Warden ran off in such a hurry?  You told him to stay put!  HAHAHAHAHA!!!".  THAT is what made it really great to discover the secret.

#3 Posted by JukeboxJoe (244 posts) -

No I didn't! I talked to him loads when you're in that room in the first place then completely forgot when I went back. Is it bad that it took me ages to realise it was Clayface haha? When you first put the Warden in that room, I went down and Clayface was the Warden. I had a complete WTF is going on moment

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