I have a Gotham City Imposters code to give away

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I hope this isn't breaking the rules. I want to give away an online redeemable code to someone who may be interested in it more than I am. I just picked up my copy of the Batman: AC CE and among all the codes was one for a beta for Gotham City Imposters. The back of the card reads:

Redeem this code for a chance to join the Gotham City Imposters beta and to get your free* Batman: Arkham City-themed content!

So if you're interested let me know and I will PM it to you. Thanks!

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Oh can i have it? i signed up for the beta but never got a response. :(

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PS3 or 360? Or you can use it in any system?

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That was fast! lol Sure, you were the first to respond so I'll PM it to you now.

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@MikeGosot: I believe it's for a PC game, actually.

#6 Posted by MikeGosot (3227 posts) -
@Ujio: Oh. The beta is PC only? Or the game is PC only and i'm just dumb? I wasn't interested in the beta, but i found it weird that you didn't mentioned the version...
#7 Posted by Gerhabio (1977 posts) -

So many giveaways!

#8 Posted by Ujio (565 posts) -

@MikeGosot: You know I really don't know. There's nothing on the card itself that specifies, but I'm assuming this is PC-only. There is a website you have to go to www.GothamCityImposters.com to sign up for the beta so that's why I'm pretty sure it's a PC game.

But for the mods out there you can go ahead and lock/delete this thread if you want.

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Again, always nice to see people being so giving on the site and as the code has been given out I think I'll lock this one now.


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