Trophy Listing Hints at Upcoming New DLC

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IGN reports new trophies for Arkham City have popped up.

This looks like the alleged Harley Quinn DLC. From the sounds of it, this is a Robin Story mission (from destroying balloons, like collectibles found in the story mode) and the moves listed in the achievements reference Robins moves in his DLC. Sounds like more challenge maps as well.

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sounds interesting, just saw an article over on comicvine as well! looking forward to it

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Oh cool, I didn't realize they were going to do any other DLC for the game.

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I was honestly surprised at this news! Excited though, I hope it gives an insight into the third game!

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More fuel to the fire, this is off the games twitter account.

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@IIGrayFoxII: so freaking excited about it! :D can't wait for an official announcement!

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@clubsandwich: I know right? Does anyone else feel like this is a long time to take to announce new DLC? Between Batman and Skyrim, I would think they would let us know this was coming sooner so people aren't returning their copies.
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I look forward to playing more Arkham City!

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Confirmed to be launched on April 30th and be packed in the GOTY edition which comes out in May. Excited!

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