Worth it to finish the game? (Possible midgame spoilers)

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So I've pretty much decided that I really dislike playing Arkham City. The main problem I think I have is that it's not Arkham Asylum. I hate the way it's paced, I think the story is kind of dumb and it feels too dang long. It's a shame too, because it had a GREAT first impression, minus the overwhelming feeling when they first dump you into the city.

Anyway, here's the rundown and question. I just hit the big Joker fight in the Steel Mill (65% through the main story according to the stats screen) and just kept getting crushed by the game when I realized that I just wasn't having fun with it anymore. My question to you folks is - Is it worth seeing through to the end, or should I just read some forum posts, watch a video or two and call it a day?

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Life is too short to play games you do not like.

Also you are a crazy person.

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I was in the same boat as you with me not really digging the story.

But that last third was actually really awesome.

And how are you getting crushed? Are you just mashing the attack?

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Learn to use the combat, then you will enjoy it.

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I had a few problems here or there, but i got used to it, figured out what to do on the next try.

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@Doctorchimp said:

I was in the same boat as you with me not really digging the story.

But that last third was actually really awesome.

And how are you getting crushed? Are you just mashing the attack?

That's what I've been reading. The last third or so gets real good. Hence my "dilemma".

I get how the combat works and all. I even did a fair amount of the challenge rooms in AA. So I always try to build the combo meter, get critical strikes and use the special moves (although I always seem to use the wrong combinations of buttons and wind up doing the wrong attack) and use gadgets for stuns and all that, but it just wasn't cutting it for this fight. I kept getting overwhelmed as soon as the big guys show up. They always seemed to be right on top of me as I'm countering someone and I can't get away fast enough. Got close one time but after that it was all downhill.

And yes, I do feel crazy for not liking this game. But I don't know. Aside from the first couple hours I haven't been digging it a lot. The side stories have been way more compelling to me than the main thread. That's also probably why I feel like the game is way too long, because I've spent too much time doing sidequests.

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Yeah, I definitely spent a lot more time in the first few hours of Arkham City just exploring and doing side missions rather than doing the story. However, I have to say that the story ended up pretty satisfying by the end. It's just unfortunate that so much of the content is tied into the Riddler challenges though.

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@mjwyoshi64: You're not alone, friend. I felt exactly the same way about AC as you and to be honest, the game doesn't improve substantially or at all. If you aren't feeling it and are hitting a wall, nothing in the last third is gonna fix your problems with it.

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The problem with Arkham City is that the really intresting story bits are all at the end of the game. Once you get to those parts it grabs you and drags you wide eyed and full of excitement to the finish line but there are a few sections that can be a drag up until that key point where the story turns.

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I had a lot of trouble with that fight too, really frustrated me. I just had to take a break and think about how I was attacking the enemies. The combo take down is your friend, since it's a one hit KO on all thugs. Quickfire batarangs help too.

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I thought the story wasn't great, but once I reached Ra's, I loved it.

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@TentPole said:

Life is too short to play games you do not like.

No it isn't!
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yes definitely finish it. remember though; games like this aren't played exclusively for the story; this isn't an RPG.

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For a game so similar to Arkham Asylum it feels a very different game. I played through to the end and still didn't come away super happy. The last third of the story is pretty well done but the game part is still lacking somewhat. I felt the game design just flowed so well in the original but is just all over the place in AC.

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It's simply overwhelming when it comes to stuff you can do, but it's also tied too strictly to your plot progression.

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Take a break and come back to it in a few weeks or months; hopefully it re-kindles your interest. The last part of the game is actually pretty interesting.

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