Who is your Favorite Batman

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#-49 Posted by NorseDudeTR (423 posts) -

Regular ass Batman.

#-48 Posted by Jadeskye (4367 posts) -

Adam west, the greatest batman.

#-47 Posted by Asrahn (552 posts) -

Obviously, Batman is the greatest Batman.

#-46 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3484 posts) -

The God Damn Batman, clearly^^

#-45 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

Soviet martian batman.

#-44 Posted by natetodamax (19207 posts) -

Russian Martian Batman. 
DAH COMRADE *alien noises*

#-43 Posted by BombKareshi (996 posts) -

Terry McGinnis Batman!

#-42 Posted by uniform (1835 posts) -

I don't take Batman seriously, so my favorites would be West (Greatest Batman), Clooney (Nipples!), and Bale (The voice makes me smirk every time).

#-41 Posted by Faint (833 posts) -

animated series. christian bale f'ing sucks.

#-40 Posted by Doctorchimp (4076 posts) -

Conroy, then Keaton/Bale (yeah i don't mind the voice that much, then Batman Beyond Terry.

#-39 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Val Kilmer is by far the best.

#-38 Posted by RichardLOlson (1852 posts) -

There is only one true batman.  I'm the batman.  No but seriously, Adam West is in my heart.

#-37 Posted by _Phara0h_ (889 posts) -

#-36 Posted by thegoldencat7 (1497 posts) -

This guy. 
The series won many awards, and rightly so.
#-35 Posted by GeekDown (1170 posts) -

My two Batmen are Keaton and Animated Series Batman.

#-34 Posted by RedEyesBlueBunny (1011 posts) -

im torn between The God Damn Batman and Russian Martian Batman. someone please sway me one way or the other

#-33 Posted by Damodar (1393 posts) -

Although everyone hates Bale's ridiculous gruff guttural Batman voice, I actually really enjoy his pompous-rich-asshole-facade Bruce Wayne, but Conroy absolutely nails both Bruce and Bats and the animated series Batman has so many awesome moments of bad-assery and great one-liners. The Animated Series just had such good voice over work in general. Mark Hamill (can't spell Arkham with out Mark Hamill :P) and Arleen Sorkin are so perfect.
That said, Batman in it's all it's Non-Schumacher forms is glorious. So I just voted for Batman.

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