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destroying never felt so good

Battlefield bad company is one of those games that caught me off gaurd, see my mind set was that it would be a tipically same game but with different kind of tech that is added. What i didnt expect that the game would break the formual of its traditional games with just the mulitplayer mode but it also brings a colorful single mode story along with it. When the story first started to unfolded itself in the game my first throught that its kind of like the movie three kings but without the political message of terrory. Its about these four misfit guys that screw up somewhere else in the military that they put them all together which was called bad company. See their job is to do all the dirty work for the americans in the war agaisnt russian and the mercenaries. As you find out these mercenaries are a private military force that are know legionnaire that conducts business that involves gold. With alots of gold in the region your outfit eschews duty and goes awol and gets into the gold hunting business. The game tells you most of its presentation of the story with clever dialogue,great voice acting, terrific visuals effects and cutscense.

But before i go on i will interoduce you the characters that will be in your outfit during the game. As you already know you meet three interesting characters in the game, each of them has their own job which makes the outfit more effected force during a gun fight. You play as marlowe the new person that is sent to this outcast of misfit of a outfit to help fight in the war agaisnt the russian. The first character you meet is redford which people in his unit calls him 'serges' the second person you will meet is sweetwater hes more like the technical person in the unit. the last person you meet is haggard he loves to blow up things and he enjoys it. Bad company manages to feel like more of a battlefield game while still preseting a good story and multiple objective during your mission in many of the stages of the game. Battlefield gives the players the same feeling of the large scale of the battle which other person person shooter games doesnt, by letting the players travel distance part of the map to reach the objective. The game is mostly an wide-open freedom game but with some extention, you can travel anywhere along the map but there are certain areas where you can go into. Which is called the redzone, if you manages to get into the zone the game gives you an 5 second timer that will pop up and if you havent reach out the red zone the enemy artillery will kill you right way.

The only freedom part of the game that i found interesting was the extention of your tactical option throught the game, which contrains large number of weapons which you can find on dead enemies or laying around a half blow-up house. The player can have two types of weapons which is the primary and secondary weapon, one can be a sniper,michine gun that is mounted with a gerade luncher. The secondary weapons you can choose from a pistol,c4 explosives, lazer,a artillery remote so on. The game gives you alot a ammo throught all the stages which gives the player plenty of opportunites to blow up everything in site. Which what i think that makes this game so much fun to play giveing the toys cause major destruction on a building or a enemy vicheles.

Many of its destruction of bad company comes over to the mulitplayer side of the game. The online part of the game gets on the traditional side of the other battlefield games. Presenting the online user with many of its classes that you can play as. Like its half brother call of duty it lets you update certain things that you can have, switch weapon, special kind of toys that can cause destruction to buildings and vecheles. The classes between call of duty and battlefield are meaningful and interesting but it can only go so far with battlefield that you dont really need any of the updates for many of the classes. The online mode presents only kind of mode is called gold rush, which is different from its standard online game conquests. Each player is assigned to attack or defender roles, the attacker trys to destroy the gold crates and the defender trys to protect the gold cates as long as possible until the time is out. I find this mode more interesting and much more of a struggle to win with an open area vehicle base playplay on online. If you have played the game online with vicheles the controls are still very hard and gets some time to use for other then that you can hide in houses or bushes to killed or knife someone for your own entertainment reasons. Of course it wouldnt be a battlefield without the ranks matches, with rank matches you earn expericence points that will grant you additional ranks which will unlock certain weapons for each classes.

Bad Company can be pick up and enjoy from many gamers that are into this kind of style or not. Bad Company brings the characters more life like with its sense of humor that connects the gamer what kind of characters they are. The only downfall of the game is the online mode with its control of helicopters and tanks are little bit hard and can cause frustration while playing online.


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