ferginator4k's Beat Hazard (PC) review

Beat Hazard is a blast but kinda shallow-

Beat Hazard is a unique indie game that creates bullet hell shooter levels out of your music.
Players take control of a small spaceship and take on hordes of enemy ships, asteroids and giant bosses that are dynamically generated from MP3's similiar to the indie game Audiosurf. 
The game is a blast to play with your music, it is easy to learn but very hard to master and its kinda hard to write a review when the game youve played has been generated based on your music.
The game uses very pretty strobe lighting effects that go well with your music.
Not only are the levels and enemies generated based on your music but also you ships weaponry. This means that at the point of epic climaxes to songs, your weaponry basically becomes a giant beam of INSTA-KILL!  Its at moments like these that Beat Hazard shines.
The key problem with the game is that it lacks depth, there isnt much to do except for play your songs, thankfully the game is only 10 bucks so it justifies that through it price.
At its low price point its hard not to recommend Beat Hazard to any gamer, Although 1$ DLC is needed to run itunes music.


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