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you would think Space Combat + your own music = epic. it is... sort of... in beat hazad u do space combat against ships and "boss ships" till u pass each song, the achievements and leveling system are cool also. the stupid thing is, u cant beat songs that i like past the normal difficulty, u fail each da** time. its an ok game to play but prepare to stay on easy mode.


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    First, I was like "WTF." Then, I was like "FTW!" 0

      If you're anything like me, you won't have a chance understanding Beat Hazard the first time you fire it up and load a song. There are ships and asteroids flying in every direction as stars and the fire of you and your enemies flash to the beat of the track. When the song gets frantic, it is nearly impossible to pick out enemy shots from your own stream of pulsing fire. Play through a couple of tracks, and you will soon find yourself seeing a game in the midst of this barrage of light you did ...

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