michaelfinnie's Beat Hazard (PC) review


you would think Space Combat + your own music = epic. it is... sort of... in beat hazad u do space combat against ships and "boss ships" till u pass each song, the achievements and leveling system are cool also. the stupid thing is, u cant beat songs that i like past the normal difficulty, u fail each da** time. its an ok game to play but prepare to stay on easy mode.


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    Beat Hazard is a game best described as " Geometry Wars meets Audiosurf". Both of those games are great, so it is not without reason that Beat Hazard is great as well. Either with a gamepad or mouse and keyboard, you control a spaceship with only one objective: shoot everything that moves. The game floods the screen with hostile spaceships, asteroids and a boss here and there while you concentrate on avoiding enemy fire and grabbing power-ups. The power-ups consist o...

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