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The game uses the same concept as BreakThru!, a game created by ZOO Corporation. It features both one-player and two-player options.

One can play as any one of the Sailor Senshi (minus Saturn) or Tuxedo Kamen. Using the Luna/Artemis heads, you "pop" clusters of similarly-coloured hearts. White hearts will fall down to fill the gaps, which you can turn over by moving your moon kitty over them. Aside from the hearts, the game also features various items with different abilities. Crossbows, which, when "popped", remove all hearts in the direction they face on both sides of the screen. Heart Wands will use your senshi's elemental power on your opponent's side of the screen. Mini Professor Tomoe faces can hatch from greenish, cocoon-like objects, and will destroy any talismans they come in contact with. If you have any on your side of the screen, however, using a Heart Wand will destroy them instead of hindering your opponent. Heart Brooches can remove all hearts of any colour of your choosing on your side of the screen. There are also pink gems that have different effects based on which colour heart is selected after them.

The senshi powers are as follows:

Sailor Moon - Destroys a 3x3 block of hearts/items on the opponent's side

Sailor Mercury - Floods the opponent's side and makes them unable to turn over white hearts for a period of time

Sailor Mars - Burns a few random hearts/items on the opponent's side

Sailor Jupiter - Electrifies a few random hearts on the opponent's side

Sailor Venus - Removes items from the opponent's side

Sailor Uranus - Destroys one column on the opponent's side and clears it for a period of time

Sailor Neptune - Floods the opponent's side and makes white hearts stop falling in for a period of time

Sailor Pluto - Moves the center line over, decreasing the opponent's side by one column

Sailor Chibi Moon - Puts an umbrella in place of an opponent's heart, preventing that column from dropping down for a period of time

Tuxedo Kamen - Stands in front of the opponent's side for a period of time

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