Has anyone tried replaying this, since LA Noire came out?

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I've been looking for my discs for this game. I recall that while it wasn't all that great, the first half of the game had some decent puzzles before it descended into the WW2 / OSS section of the story.  
Has the release of LA Noire reminded anyone else of this other Take 2 post-war crime  / adventure game? Both games take some serious liberties with the events of the BD case, but that's to be expected.  
I wonder if Good old Games has this on sale?

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@DownbeatGorilla said:

I wonder if Good old Games has this on sale?

Unfortunately not :-(. It has been on the top of my wishlist for GOG for years. And yeah, the first part was fantastic before is degenerated into all that shamanic mumbo jumbo.

I have this on discs, but can't get it to work on Windows 7 - that's why I need it on GOG!

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