Should I get this game? And if so, what platform?

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Pretty much what the title said. I was skeptical of this for a long time, but I finally played the PSN demo and it seemed decent enough. 
My thoughts: 
1) I infinitely prefer mouse-and-keyboard controls over gamepads, so I instinctively prefer PC. 
2) However, I've heard a lot about the game being all but dead on PC - and for a multiplayer-only game, that means it'd be a waste of $10. 
3) The only other platform I own that I could get it for is PS3, and when I played the PSN demo it seemed like the community there was fairly vibrant (at least for TDM). But again, there is thought #1 to think about. 
4) I don't have as much free time as I would like, and there are a LOT of games I'd like to buy and play. But I may not have time to play all the games I'd like - and if that's the case, I want the time I have to be well-spent. So if this game is "meh" at best, I may have to pass. 
So, with those 4 things in mind, should I get the game on PC, PS3, or not at all? Please give constructive input - I will not take fanboy-ish or incoherent responses into account.
Thanks in advance for your input.

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