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"That's the Blask Mask isn't it? That is a fine mask. It is filled with feelings of gratitude." -Happy Mask Salesman


Featured in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Link can detonate the Bomb Mask with the B button. It can be used underwater as well. After detonation, the mask will appear transparent for 16 seconds until it is usable again. The player cannot use Link's sword while the mask is equipped as the sword is also attached to the B button. An exception is the Great Fairy's Sword which is used with the C buttons. The mask causes damage to Link unless he is using his shield.

How To Obtain

To obtain the mask, Link must wait in North Clock Town around 12:00 AM. The Bomb Shop's Old Lady will be walking by. Sakon will steal her bag and tries to run off with it. Link must slash him with his sword to make the bag to fall. The Old Lady will reward Link with the Bomb Mask as thanks. If Link shoots the bag with an arrow, Sakon will explode and be killed. Which yields no reward.

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