xenturik's Bleach: Dark Souls (Nintendo DS) review

...a reaping bleh

Played through in Winter/Spring of 2009.

So…there’s this angsty Ginger who…“sees dead people”…he also sees the Grim Reapers tasked with collecting said dead people. But what he’s REALLY looking at, are the Super Comfy Samurai Pajamas these “Reapers” roll in. So I’m pretty sure the rest of the plot revolves around them fighting for Flowy Pajama Pants Supremacy…if not, than at least it might as well be.

In this world where fighting games dwindle out of relevance day by day, I found myself on the brink of turning my own back on them. Later iterations of once great Franchises like Soul Calibur and Tekken have felt so uninspired and arbitrary that I was often left unsatisfied or even…burned out. I was sick of positioning and countering and side stepping and every other layer of “-ing" meant add "depth" to the fighting experience. I was bogged down to the point that I realized…damnit…I just want to throw a FIREBALL. Plainly put, I needed to simply FIGHT again. And so I happily happened upon a bin at BestBuy, in which I found a game that curbed my appetite and unexpectedly quenched my 2-D Sprite Fight thirst

Bleach: Dark Souls is a Fireballing, Dragon Punching, Super Metering Fighter that adds an optional customizable buff system that allows you to tailor to your specific style of gameplay. At first I didn’t take that system seriously and since I’m a Super Whore……meaning I like USING Supers....I jacked my fighter to pull them off as much as possible. It only took one match online against a well buffed out player to prove to me the error of my ways (by wiping me out under 20 seconds…thrice). The key is taking your time to find the right balancing combinations of buffs, debuffs, and attributes that accent you and your fighter perfectly. Once you find that harmonious synergy… it’s like giving birth…yes EXACTLY LIKE giving birth.

As for everything else:

The Story is inspired by the exploits garnered from the Anime series, you might be inclined to call it…”filler”…since the plot has a bunch to do about …something…. The touch screen is used to hot key Supers and Stat attacks. The touch screen doesn’t necessarily enhance the game, but it’s doesn’t detract from the product either. The local Multiplayer is quick and fun with multiple cartridges. If you only have one cartridge, prepare to endure some HORRENDOUS load times. Wi-fi is fast, intimidating, and highly “Just One-More Match” addicting. The roster is robust, varied, and ridiculous (tiny stuffed fighting lions and rabbits). And there are enough costume palettes, artwork, music, and skills to unlock to keep you completionists occupied for a bit.

So yea…I like Bleach: Dark Souls, it’s just what a handheld game should be, simple presentation yet engrossing gameplay…I also like my Pajama Pants, they’re really loosey goosey…    


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