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"This is the evil blood-sucking entity Goldnail made solid. It infested the Emperor's body like a parasite, spewing poison mist throughout the capital. It possess many attack skills. Trembling before attacking, its swordplay is invisibly swift. On foggy nights, its precise movement may become visible." - Blight's bestiary entry from Okami


Blight is a boss from Okami. He takes the appearance of an armored warrior run through with hundreds of swords and arrows, but his actual form is an ancient sword called Goldnail. His body spews toxic green clouds that poison people as well as create an oppressive atmosphere that can prevent Amaterasu's brush powers from working. During the events of the game, he takes up residence inside the Emperor of Sei-An City causing him to cough up poisonous clouds across the city.


Blight's attacks are based around swords and incredible speed. Without using Mist to slow things down, he will appear to warp from one side of the battle area to the other. Since his ghostly form is run through with hundreds of swords, he will also launch some of them as projectiles that home in on Amaterasu's location. The only way to do any damage to Blight is to find the glowing Goldnail sword and attack it.

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