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Blitz: The League II Review (PS3) 0

Let me make one thing clear, I have been playing madden since I recieved it on the gameboy, and the only other blitz games i played was the versions on the arcade.  With that being said, I havent played madden since 2005 on the ps2, and this year I purchased both madden CE and blitz the league 2.    While a review isn't supposed to be a compare and contrast, in the case of this game, it almost has to be.  When you play madden, it is like playing a crappy ripoff of a racing sim.  Most will say th...

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Still Don't Know What They Want To Do With This 0

 A game that really SHOULD have had a tie-in with whatever the hell that brief ESPN football show was called, Blitz has continued demonstrating that Midway is miles away from their former pure short arcade titles and have embraced a game that lacks Madden's depth, but definitely has much more gore and markedly more smut.. Not saying it's bad...just different. I don't think the gameplay is nearly as good, but the campaign mode is more entertaining to play. All depends on what you're lookin...

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2nd down, let's Blitz 0

A few years ago, Midway came up with Blitz: The League, a football arcade game that focused more on corrupt storylines, ridiculous hits and juicing up on the sidelines.  Blitz: The League II brings a whole new meaning to the term ‘big hits’ and turns hard tackles into gruesome looking tackles with equally gruesome injuries. Blitz II focuses heavily on the new campaign mode in which you play as a highly sought after rookie entering a fictional football league.  Your player starts off by declining...

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Blitz: The League II Review 0

Being a fan of the Blitz series back in the late 90s through the Blitz 20-02 and 20-03 games, I'm surprised that it took me 3 years after the release of Blitz: The League II to actually get around to playing it. I completely ignored the first title in The League series but it seems that it's not a huge deal going into The League II.So far the only thing I see transferring over from Blitz: The League I to Blitz: The League II is 15 teams and some key players as well as some story elements explain...

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