Quick Look: Blood Bowl

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@Fei said:
" I wanna see them do a FPS quicklook and fumble around being complete goobers in that. "
Then go watch the Arma II quick look.
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I know that I like to patronize game websites that I have no idea how to play the games they review.  Manuals, in-game tutorials, who needs those.  JUST WING IT!
It's not like your website has any journalistic chops or makes money off ads. 
If you want to take a big steaming shit on a game, couldn't you have picked something that's completely terrible? 
Picking the console version of one of the best tabletop games in existence is not a good way to endear strategy game fans. 
Why doesn't drewbert go back to reviewing action titles and leave the Turn-based games to someone without a hoof shaped divot in their head.

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@Furril: This is an unduly harsh post. While I do not disagree with Furril on a number of points, they are coming across so strongly that I do not feel that this tone will bring any positive attention from prospective players of Blood Bowl.
Yes, the quick-look was flawed, however the premise of the "Quick Look" segments is that a random person may sit down in front of a game and see "how it feels" at first glance. It's a shame that complicated strategic games such as Blood Bowl will not gain much notice despite the extremely advanced and complex  "SRPG"-style group-management mechanics which are embedded in the game,
But hey if you don't know or care, then buy the biggest, strongest, and most expensive players your team can grab; you'll soon come crawling back in agony, if you haven't been spending your time and effort building up your individual units.
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@Furril:  Go back to your fucking basement. 
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@Branthog said:
" This is an actual physical table top game?! Why? Is there a huge D&D/Football crossover audience that I don't know about?! "
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@Peanut said:

" @Furril:  Go back to your fucking basement. 

Hahaha, look at all the white knights. 
You do realize the people you are defending a bunch of retarded man children who act like the puppets in this video.  
To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing these two do more reviews for the laughs.
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i don't understand what all the fuss is over this quck look i think it does a good job of hsowing what the average new interested party would run into if they just tried to start up a game. not to mention throughout they clearly admit MULTIPLE times that the yhave no idea what they are doing.
even more so i can't understand why everyone is up in arms about how this isn't an "accurate look" into the gameplay or strategy. sure the giant bomb team could have took a few ...what hours? to get adjusted to the game and the rules but IMO that defeats the entire purpose of a " quick look" . not to mention this isn't an in depth review this is just a quick look into the game and the mechanics behind it. clearly anyone knowledgeable enough to turn up their nose at the quick look ...didn't need to view it in the first place , unless you just weren't sure of the board game to tv screen translation. for the res of us that  have no clue into what blood bowl was we learned it wasn't made for us( unless you want to commit to learning the game). 

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@Branthog: Yes. ^_^
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YES! Ice Cube reference! 

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They should do a game like this for Warhammer Fantasy. You know, a piece-by-piece recreation of the board game. I would buy that. 
I also think Giant Bomb sorely needs a member of the team who knows and loves strategy games other than Starcraft. Every time they encounter a strategy game other than Starcraft they always seem to be kind of unfair to it. They've really dismissed quite a few legitimately great games simply because it's not their cup of tea, and as you can see in the comments here it really turns some gamers off.

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The original table top game was a blast to play. Sadly the cpu version never translated well to me. Still a good game though just not particularly extraordinary.

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This game is by no means easy, but it's easier if you do safe moves first, then ball handling moves and then all your risky moves at the end. That way you don't miss out on a bunch of walking around cause you broke your neck getting up in the face of a troll.

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