Okay Blur I'm going to go online tonight...

#1 Posted by sopachuco13 (452 posts) -

you better have people still on your servers waiting to beat the crap out of me. I played this game last winter quite a bit, but I haven't really gotten back into it lately. I will see if people are still mercin' online. Join me if you want to play some Blur. Xbox gamertag: sopachuco13

#2 Posted by Portis (1293 posts) -

There's still a few people who play it online, though they are fucking savage. I usually see 20-50 people total online on any given night.

#3 Posted by mewarmo990 (845 posts) -

That might be on the 360, but in my experience the PC community was pretty much dead less than a year after launch. Too bad really, I had a lot of fun with this one and I'd reinstall in a second if there was a strong MP base.

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