2K live broadcast of Borderlands 2

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So the official Facebook page for Borderlands posted a community event starting at 11.15am Central Time today Saturday 15. September. Figured id post if for those of you that didnt catch it.

Join us for the 2K live broadcast of Borderlands 2 from Gearbox Software’s Community Day in Dallas! Featuring livestreams of new Borderlands 2 gameplay, panels, and many special guests. We’re broadcasting live from Texas today beginning at 11:15AM Central Time, in celebration of next week’s launch of Borderlands 2!


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Whats that in swatch time?

joking aside, how many hours from now aprox

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45 minutes or so i think.

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If my math is right, 11:15 CST is 17:15 GMT, aka 17:15 Londontown Time. From there just add whatever +X you need for your GMT. I'm in continental Spain, so it's GMT+1 = 18:15.

Or just use this website.

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@MrMuscle said:

45 minutes or so i think.

Thank you so much for this and not berating my lazy ass :P

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So tempted to watch this... but I also kind of just want to see it for myself in three days. Argh! Dilema!

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Might catch the start of this before i sleep

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Nice. I spaced out with DCUO and just started watching the stream. Boom: I skipped the pre-gameplay part, tuned in directly into when they start playing the game. Awesome.

Edit: Bummer. The audio is all fucked up...

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Damn that pannel is amazing.

Randy P. is a solid dude. Respect.

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eh Teramorphous doesn't look that tough :P

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@Tennmuerti: Agreed. Salutes are in order sir.

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@Tennmuerti said:

Damn that pannel is amazing.

Randy P. is a solid dude. Respect.

Yes, that really was a fantastic panel. Skipped all of the gameplay, though. I've already seen more than enough, and I don't want to spoil anything else for myself.

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That was really spectacular coverage--and LOTS of it. Excellent panel too! :D

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