A discussion of elemental effect bonuses regarding the Mechro

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I'll put the TL,DR up front, and have the data wall down below. So, I was super excited to get a nice meaty e-tech shock Maliwan pistol on my elemental Mechromancer. I was a bit dissapointed, though, since it seemed to be electrocuting less than it should be. I did a few trials and found a much smaller (almost insignificant) bonus to electrocute chance. I tried with some more weapons, and found really odd results. A rare sniper got a massive bonus, even when I cleared my talents and class mod. A green SMG, on the other hand, was more or less in line with expectations. Is anyone able to weigh in on these results?

TLDR data (with 50% bonus chance to electrocute, 240 shots per test):
Pistol: 8.97% extra chance
Sniper: 87.73% extra chance
SMG: 37.36% extra chance

Now, the real fun stuff: hard numbers!


All tests done at level 42 on a level 40 target dummy.
Test 1: Maliwan Evisceration Dart. Level 37. 19.5% chance to shock.

Set 1: 50% bonus chance to electrocute (7/5 more pep, +18% class mod)

Trial 1: 11/60 Shots caused electrocute
Trial 2: 12/60
Trial 3: 16/60
Trial 4: 12/60

Average: 21.25% chance. Expected: 27.58%. %Change: 8.97%


Set 2: Same gun, no bonus to shock

Trial 1: 14/60
Trial 2: 12/60
Trial 3: 13/60
Trial 4: 8/60

Average: 19.58%. Expected: 19.5%.


Test 2: Maliwan Barking Jericho. Level 38. 37.5% chance to shock.

Set 1: 50% chance to shock

Trial 1: 39/60
Trial 2: 43/60
Trial 3: 45/60
Trial 4: 42/60

Average: 70.4%. Expected: 56.25%. %Change: 87.73


Set 2: No bonus to shock

Trial 1: 34/60
Trial 2: 36/60
Trial 3: 28/60
Trial 4: 35/60

Average: 55.42%. Expected: 37.5%.


Test 3: Maliwan Storming Trance. Level 40. 12.5% chance to electrocute.

Set 1: 50% bonus chance to electrocute

Trial 1: 10/60
Trial 2: 12/60
Trial 3: 12/60
Trial 4: 7/60

Average: 17.18%. Expected: 18.75%. %Change: 37.36


Set 2: No bonus to electrocute

Trial 1: 6/60
Trial 2: 5/60
Trial 3: 10/60
Trial 4: 8/60

Average: 12.08%. Expected: 12.5%.
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Did you try it with a non E-Tech pistol? Might be just a random case where the bonus doesn't apply because of something how the darts work or something crazy random like that. What about E-Tech sniper rifles or SMGs? I also think that 60 shots is probably not enough to make any conclusive decisions. It could be some design thing as well where the game is built in such a way that it scales the percentage so that you can't get 100% elemental effect chance (unless you hack the game (and maybe not even then?)).
Besides all of that BL2 is known to be fairly busted at spots when you're looking under the hood with skills not working right and stuff so might be just something like that. Bringing this up on the Gearbox forums would probably give more insight.

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I haven't done any formal tests with non e-tech, but just using them in the field it feels much higher. Also, each set was 240 shots, not 60. I just broke each into 4 trials of 60 because that's how I took down my data (because a page of 240 hash marks gets unwieldy!) I haven't found any e-tech snipers or smgs, but I have at least a sniper at level 50 that I plan to test. I ran across another e-tech pistol and had very similar results, but again did not run a full 240 shot test with it.

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Isn't there some sort of thing about all elemental weapons that only accumulate %chance (or 'tech' as someone described to me) if they're in your load out and then after x amount of shots it runs out of 'tech'? If you're swapping them in and out of your main inventory, that might account for the lower %chances.

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most elemental e-tech pistols usually shoot out darts instead of actual plasma bullets/orbs/lasers that an e-tech SMG would. the initial impact can be useless but once you have a good cluster they can be pretty effective, like a Needler in Halo, if you use the elemental type against an appropriate enemy type (electric darts may not be that great on armoured but really effective against shielded fleshy enemies when you've got your electric burn and damage skills up, especially with a class mod to boost those stats.).

doing tests on the dummy isn't entirely reliable due to the fact he's usually non-armoured/shielded. sometimes the dart e-tech weapons just suck depending on the combination of manufacturer and character build.

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