Golden Key Chest Results?

#1 Posted by ki11tank (734 posts) -

In an effort to maximize my loots I'm curious as to what you guys have gotten without hacks and cheats etc...

I've used 5 keys and have gotten 4 sets of pistols and 1 useless class mod I can't even use. I'm playing an assassin and am wondering if that has anything to do with me getting so many pistols. I've looked around but no one really has any detailed info on chest drops. Hard to believe it's random getting that many pistols. Maybe some more data will show a bias for classes etc?

Having a hell of a time getting a good rifle, sniper rifle or shotgun... seems pistols and smgs galore.

#2 Posted by Marcsman (3351 posts) -

I effed up and used my only key way too early. I got a purple repeater which is decent. I wish I saved my key though. How did you get so many keys?

#3 Posted by Synaptic (310 posts) -

You can get any weapon type. Launchers seem more rare, I've gotten rifles and snipers as well as the other kinds. Shields happen a decent amount too.

#4 Posted by ki11tank (734 posts) -

pre order bonus and keys that gearbox has given out via twitter. i too used my first key randomly like an idiot at low level.

#5 Posted by BeachThunder (12744 posts) -

I thought I created this thread at first o_O


Kept the shotgun, sold the combat rifle.

Always be shotgunning, never be combat rifling.

#6 Posted by MB (13612 posts) -

I just found my first useful item after using at least ten Golden Keys at level 50. I still believe it's better and more useful to use the keys at lower levels throughout your first playthrough, probably when you feel like the enemies have scaled up beyond your current equipment. Every other item I've found before this has been vendor trash. There are just SO many opportunities to find purple & eridian weapons once you reach Level 50 that saving the keys until then seems totally the opposite of what players should be doing.

Eridian Sniper Rifle-

#7 Edited by White (1541 posts) -

The only gun I've gotten from those chests that, so far, has yet to be displaced by drops from bosses is this gun...

#8 Posted by Scotto (1259 posts) -

I got a 206k damage rocket launcher from a key tonight. It's nice, but kind of disappointing - was hoping for a more useful weapon or shield.

#9 Posted by ripelivejam (5442 posts) -

got a couple of semi-auto purples, one that fires explosive rounds. they aren't flashy and kinda underwhelming at first, but they've become my main weapons for now.

still have 3 (legit) keys so waiting to use them in NG+/on a 2nd character.

#10 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

got a machine gun that has 18 bullets in the clip but consumes 3 bullets per shot, has about the same damage as a sniper rifle at my level, im still pretty early and used the key by mistake but from level 10 the gun has lasted me though level 17 and still as good as any sniper im picking up, im playing as zero

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