List of players that just want to Drop-in and drop-out randomly

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I decided to make a separate list of PC Steam users for playing Borderlands 2, different to the Borderlands 2 mixer group that the awesome duder Akrid made.

This group is for those of us that don't have a tonne of time on our hands or simply don't play games as much, the weekend players as it were. For the ones that're only playing for just an hour on week nights, now and then and won't be playing together the whole way through.

We could literally just be added to each other's friends list and have no requirement to join each other's game until we feel like it, you don't even need to speak the same language to be in this group and play together, just want to play with some fellow duders.

If anyone else would be interested in just having a list available of Giant Bomb users at hand to just drop-in and play with for a few hours and then drop-out again, here's that list.

Please note that if you want to be on this list you will have to be willing to leave your game settings open to Giant bombers that're on your friends list and be ok with randomly having people from this list just drop into your game.

So, I'll start it off with my own details.

Steam namePreffered nickname/nameLocation (EU/NA)
TorMasturbaTorEU, UK
Mr Skittles
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#2 Posted by Justin258 (14120 posts) -
you don't even need to speak the same language

This might be true, but I would hope that any common visitor of Giantbomb understands English to some extent.

Also I might post again here in case I decide to get the game as soon as I can.

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I just posted in the other thread, but you can put me here too. I'm willing to play with whoever, whenever.

Steam name: Zithe

Region: US

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put me on the list. friend has some people to play but don't really know how it's going to workout. we have different jobs times so we would play during the night.

steam: Mr skittles

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