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 Boris is the Soviet's response to Tanya. After the failure of the Volcov project, the soviet's first attempt at engineering a commando, they dropped the idea altogether. However, after their loss to the Allies, with the allied commando, Tanya Adams, personally storming the Kremlin, it became apparent to soviet command that they need an elite special forces unit of their own. They searched the entire army for their greatest man, and found it in Boris, who was an ordinary conscript at the time. They trained him and gave him a modified superior AK-47 and the authority to call Mig strikes to any structure he sees fit. In his time, he has done many heroic things, from winning the daily skirmish to taking on more critical missions.


Boris is designed to be a one man army, capable of shooting down tanks and anything, for that matter. The Soviets typically send him, not as a last resort, but as a secret weapon that softens the enemy up before a massive soviet attack. That is why Allied commanders fear his appearance, because if he doesn't kill them, the massive numbers of heavy tanks waiting right behind him will. However, Boris can also be used in conjunction with other units at the same time, at which point he typically takes advantage of the chaos surrounding him to deliver critical blows with his mig strikes.
Boris was a major player in the Soviet seizing of the Allied Time Machine in San Francisco, and the seige on Yuri's base in Transylvania. Without him, a Soviet victory in the Soviet Campaign wouldn't have been possible.
Boris and Tanya do meet on the battlefield, and during which, they have been reported to really hate each other. Tanya thinks he's not skilled enough to be a commando, taking it that he can't handle a C4 like she can, and instead calls on support strikes to do the work for him. Additionally, she thinks he's not brave enough to take on a tank head on, like she does, and instead picks it off just like "any other conscript."
Boris's one major weakness comes with a constant problem with Base defenses, being outnumbered, British snipers, and people attacking him while he'[s calling a Mig strike (the only time which he can't fight back.) Boris, however, is not afraid of anything, as he proudly claims, and cannot be mind controlled.

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