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Brentilda is one of the four Winkybunion sisters, but unlike the rest of her siblings she is a nice witch, and she seems to be the only sibling to have passable looks. Brentilda want's to aid Banjo and Kazooie in there quest to defeat Grunty, so throughout Grunty's Lair you will find her scattered about. Everytime you find her she will give you three facts about Grunty, these facts are personal about her life, past boyfriends, bands she is in and favorite foods etc. At the end of the game these come in handy, would be usefull to jot down the facts everytime you find her.


Brentilda is not in any other Banjo game, but there is a potrait of her in Pawno's Shop in Jolly Rogers Lagoon in Banjo-Tooie. Honey B also seems to have the same voice as her.


Unlike her sisters, Brentilda choses to dress in bright cheerfull clothes rather than drab dark clothes, she is belived to have been inspired from Glinia, the good witch of the south from The Wizard of Oz. While the rest of her siblings, seem to have been inspired from The Wicked Witch of the West.

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