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Game Types

The game features several different game types.


This is a free-for-all type deathmatch where you are fighting against the entire roster of players in the game. The first player to reach the limit of kills wins the match.


The typical capture the flag game scenario. You and your team must go the "middle" of the map and retrieve the golden flag. You must then return that flag to your own flag base and plant it. The team that reaches the capture limit wins the match.

Team Battle

A team deathmatch type game. You and your team must kill the opposing team. The team that reaches the kill limit first, wins the match.

Blast Mode

In this mode, the Red Team has to plan a bomb on one of the targets. The Blue team has to disable it. All members of the Red Team have a bomb and their weapons. They have to reach one of the blast points in the map and Blast it.

Players can plant and disarm bombs by holding down the action key ("E"). This brings up a progress bar that displays how much longer the current action will take.

Once the bomb is planted a timer shows up on all players screen indicating how long Blue Team has to disarm the bomb. If they fail to disarm the bomb before the timer expires, the bomb explodes and Red Team wins.

Items Store

You can purchase items from the store using either real money (tokens) or points earned through playing the game. So far (in the closed beta) you cannot purchase an item indefinitely only in terms of 7, 14 and 30 days. After the rental time of the item is finished you can no longer use the item, but you can purchase it again.

Map Creator

Users can create maps and upload them to the general community for a price (by spending tokens).

Maps are then available from a roster of maps. You can sort the maps by play count, match type and rating.

The interface for making maps is not different from the normal playing mode. The only difference you see is the removal of weapons and the addition of a "block gun", where you point and shoot blocks for them to appear on the map. Users can collaborate on making maps by joining the map creation room.

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