sup909's Brink (Xbox 360) review

It's "Enemy Territory" with a new skin

Popping this game into my console recently I loaded it up to be instantly washed back to 2003 when I used to play Splash Damage's free Wolfienstein expansion called "Enemy Territory". This game almost right down to it's core is that game exactly.

It is a class based FPS that is focused around objective based missions. Certain operatives are required throughout these missions to achieve certain objectives and often times there are several objectives at once that can be completed. Overall the concept is really cool. The game is setup in a sort of quasi-single player game. If you allow it, the game can let anyone jump into to the enemy or your team, so in some aspects this is very much an arena shooter.

Overall the game is pretty compact though. It features only eight missions that can be played from both perspectives and you are done with it in about six hours. While there appears to be a good variety of weapons, none of them really have a different feeling. There are also attachments to be had, but at this point in the game's life I had no reason to go back in and play the missions again to try to unlock these attachments.

The game probably suffers most from it's marketing. I can see this being a successful online only shooter if it were a downloadable game for $20 or something. Unfortunately it is on a disc and just doesn't have enough meat to warrant going back to the missions more than once. There appears to be several unlockables to be had, but who really cares when there is no story?

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